Dr. Hans Finzel
Dr. Rick Hicks

We have been speaking before audiences large and small for decades. Our empowering messages are positive, fresh and filled with humor and positive energy.? We love making people laugh as we drive home great truth.

We have traveled the world and trained people on five continents. ? Our audiences vary from business leaders to church leaders to mission events. We have spoken to groups ranging in the thousands down to a handful of people gathered for retreats.

We both like to “put the cookies on the lower shelf”.? We address these topics in our “Launch Your Encore” talks.

  • A lot of boomers we are asking the question, ?What?s next??Our book is the answer to their question.
  • Most boomers we know hate the word ?retirement? and don’t believe in it.
  • We need to learn how to launch an encore to our lives in our post career years.
  • Reinventing the retirement years.
  • Intentional planning for the last life stage development
  • What to do when the kids are gone and the work is done.
  • Finding meaning and purpose later in life after the main event is over.

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